Right-wingers blame AOC for the impending fall of Western Civilization

Also for Amazon leaving NY. And Bryce Harper not signing with the Giants. And the fall of the Roman Empire. And…

The right-wing lunatic crowd just can’t get freshman New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez off their minds.

You’d think that Fox News would give her a cut of the profits for all the revenue she has helped that outfit amass with its almost non-stop misleading coverage of her.

Fox and its fellow conservative friends have accused AOC of causing everything from the impending downfall of Western Civilization to the fall of the Roman Empire. You say the latter occurred some 1,500 years ago? Well, many right-wingers apparently believe in reincarnation.

Conservative mental cases have said that AOC made Amazon leave New York. She caused a fatal subway shooting. Her Green New Deal will bankrupt the American economy, not to mention the cow-killing industry. Her reference to a UN report that forecast dire consequences if carbon emissions are not substantially cut will make the world end in 12 years. She is a “danger to the nation,” some prominent business people claim.

Some even blamed her for the San Francisco Giants not signing free agent Bryce Harper. AOC’s district is in the Bronx and Queens, some 3,000 miles from San Francisco. Harper signed with Philly because that team gave him more money and contract security, not due to perceived higher taxes in California, which has nothing to do with AOC since she lives in New York and wasn’t even in Congress until this year.

Moreover, the tax situation is overblown; California ranked 49th in individual income taxes vs. 18th in Pennsylvania, but the western state was better in local property taxes, 14th vs. 34th. California also has the redwoods, Pacific Ocean, taller mountains, the wine country, and better weather. Pennsylvania might have better cheesesteaks.

Even Democrats have joined this insane blame game. Howard Schultz claimed he could not run for president as a Democrat due to supposedly having to argue for her tax-the-rich plan. Seriously? It’s just an idea by one of 435 House members. She already carries that much weight with Democrats?

The “good” Christian Jerry Falwell Jr. was the latest to physically threaten AOC with harm. Do a casual social media search, and you will find a breath-taking array of threats against her.

AOC’s critics say she’s a socialist, but when these alleged capitalists let her live rent-free in their minds so often, who is really the socialist here?

Not to mention that there is a big difference between the democratic socialism that AOC professes — modeled after Canada and Europe — and the socialism of Cuba or the former Soviet Union.

Many people apparently don’t know how Congress works. The House of Representatives has 435 members who represent relatively small but gerrymandered districts.

AOC is not representing California or Texas or Florida or the entire country, like a certain White House occupant should be doing, when he only represents about 1 percent of very rich Americans. She represents part of the Bronx and Queens, a district that is about 50 percent Latino and only 18 percent white. If people there support her proposals and think she has done a good job representing them, they will re-elect her in 2020. If they don’t, they won’t.

It’s not about the entire country. She’s one voice in Congress, perhaps one that gets more notice because of her fresh ideas, bold personality, upset victory, and courage in the face of insane criticism.

In order for something like the Green New Deal to pass, AOC would have to obtain support from a majority of House members, as well as those in the Republican-controlled Senate, which has 100 members, two from each state. And of the idiot in the White House. Hopefully, by the time the idea made it to him, he’d be long gone.

Other people have proposed similar ideas as AOC and not received near the backlash. Bernie Sanders has run as a democratic socialist — again, a philosophy more aligned with Canada and Europe than Cuba — and been elected to Congress by Vermont residents since 1990.

Last time I checked, Western Civilization has survived since then.

Jackson Thoreau is author of Not Our President: The Movement Against the Agenda of Tricky Don & Wingman Mike.

Writer, social critic, ex-small college hoopster. Trump is #NotOurPresident and I am not #TheKingoftheInternet. https://www.amazon.com/Jack-Thor/e/B06XB35TYH/

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